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2022-2023 Bus Registration Form/Formulario de registro de autobús


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Welcome to the DISD Transportation Department

702 S. Cleveland, Dayton, TX 77535

Office Hours : Mon - Fri from 5am - 6pm

Phone:  936-258-7993 / Fax: 936-257-9483


Bus Rules, English  (printable version)        Bus Rules, Spanish (printable version       

Transportation Department Guidelines

The Dayton Independent School district provides transportation for all eligible students.  Our goal is to transport your child to and from school safely and in a timely manner.  Cooperation between parents, students and the school is necessary to accomplish this. We will not allow any student to keep the district from providing a safe and orderly ride.  For this reason we are providing Transportation Rules and Regulations so that parents and students will be familiar with our transportation procedures and expectations.

Please read and discuss the rules and regulations with your children so they will have a clear understanding of the expectations and their responsibilities while riding on our buses.

Parent Information

The bus driver is on a schedule and is not permitted to stop to discuss concerns while on route.  If you have issues or concerns please call the transportation office at 936-258-7993 to request a call from your bus driver.

  • Buses will only pick up & deliver students to parents/guardians or grandparents or a licensed daycare.
  • Students cannot ride to a parent/guardian, grandparent, or licensed day care out of their attendance zone.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the bus or communicate with students on the bus (Education Code 37.126). This violation may result in a fine of up to $500.00. 
  • Pre K and Kindergarten students must have an adult meet them at their stop unless they have an older sibling also riding the bus.  If the designated parent/guardian is not present at the stop the child will be returned to the transportation office.  The third time that a child is not met at the stop bus riding privilege will be suspended.
  • All other regular route students will be allowed to exit at their stop without a parent/guardian being present.
  • If your child misses the bus it is the parent’s responsibility to get him or her to school.
  • Students are only allowed to ride one bus and guest riders are not permitted.  It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange any after school transportation.
  • Students should have the same pick up and drop off location every day of the week. 
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the necessary protection for students traveling to and from the bus stop during inclement weather.

Route information

  • Bus routes are designed to operate as efficiently as possible while still meeting student needs.
  • Bus routes are not designed to pick up and deliver students at every child’s home. In most cases bus stops are at street corners or an equal distance between residences.
  • If students are not present at a bus stop for 3 consecutive days the stop will be discontinued.  Parents will need to contact the transportation department to resume service to that stop.
  • Buses will not travel on dead end roads, private roads, or private driveways.
  • For safety reasons buses will not travel on flooded roads or dirt roads that are slick or badly rutted.  Please meet the bus at the nearest location on the route that is not flooded or slick and rutted.

Meeting the bus

  • Be on time and visible at the bus stop.  Students need to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before pick up time.  The bus driver will not wait or honk.
  • Once a bus departs a stop it will not stop for late students or stop at unauthorized locations to receive or release students.
  • Students must not stand on the travelled portion of the road while waiting for the bus.
  • Students are not to approach the bus until it has stopped moving.
  • When the bus is stopped, students should await the bus driver's signal then proceed to the bus in a single line.
  • Students should use the handrails when entering the bus.
  • Once on the bus students should go to their assigned seat and be seated properly so that the bus can proceed on the route.
  • Students are not to run after a moving bus.
  • If you miss your bus, go home immediately and find an alternate method to go to school.


Bus Conduct and Safety Rules

  • The driver is in charge of the bus and students.
  • Students will be respectful and courteous to the bus driver and fellow students.
  • School campus rules regarding behavior apply to students on the bus.
  • Only conversational level talking is permitted on the bus.
  • Electronic devices must be in silent mode while on the bus. Students must use earphones or earbuds to listen to their devices. Singing aloud is not permitted.
  • Students may not record, take pictures or video while on the bus.
  • Students are not to bring large, dangerous or illegal objects onto the bus.
  • Students are to sit in their seats facing forward with their feet on the floor.
  • Students are to keep their belongings and bodies out of the aisle.
  • Students are not to extend objects or any part of their bodies out of the windows.
  • Damaging a bus in any way will result in disciplinary action and removal from bus until restitution is paid.
  • Students impeding the safe operation of the bus are subject to losing their bus riding privilege.

Exiting the Bus

  • Do not to attempt to stand or exit the bus until it is stopped.
  • Use the handrail and take one step at a time and always wait your turn to exit the bus.
  • Stay clear of the bus and move away from the bus immediately.
  • Do not attempt to retrieve anything that you dropped near the bus.  Go to the door and inform the driver. If you must cross the road wait for the driver’s signal that it is safe to cross then check traffic yourself before crossing the road.  Cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus where the driver can see you.

Video Cameras

Video cameras are used to monitor activity on the bus.  Students should be aware that their actions and conversations may be recorded at any time.  Infractions observed on the videos may result in disciplinary action being taken on the students involved.  Bus videos will only be observed by school district or law enforcement personnel.  Parents are not allowed to view the videos as this would infringe on the privacy rights of other students which are protected by the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).

Discipline Consequences

When a student fails to observe the bus safety rules, the bus driver will complete a discipline referral and submit it to the appropriate campus administrator.

  • 1st Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral, a warning by the driver and the parent will be contacted.
  • 2nd Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral. Referral will be sent to the appropriate campus administrator for campus discipline and campus administration will contact parent.
  • 3rd Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral and will be removed from the bus for up to 3 days.
  • 4th Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral and will be removed from the bus for 5 days.
  • 5th Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral and will be removed from the bus for 10 days.
  • 6th Offense – Student will receive a discipline referral and will be removed from the bus for the remainder of the semester (removal will not be less than 30 days and could extend to the next semester). 


Certain behaviors will receive an immediate discipline referral and bus suspension.  Examples of behaviors that will result in immediate bus suspension include but are not limited to:

  • Fighting
  • Smoking
  • Possessing any type of weapon
  • Blatant refusal to comply with a driver’s reasonable request
  • Physically and/or verbally assaulting a transportation employee
  • Using profanity on the bus

These behaviors will result in a bus suspension of no less than 5 days. 

Students whose bus riding privilege is suspended may not ride any bus during the suspension period.

Students who are suspended from the bus are still required to attend school.


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