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TRS ActiveCare

TRS ActiveCare

Dayton ISD offers three medical insurance plans through TRS ActiveCare (BCBSTX policies). The plan year for the medical insurance is Sept 1 – Aug 31. Employees may enroll during the Dayton ISD Annual Enrollment which is usually held the middle of July – August. Should the employee not enroll during this time, they will be ineligible for medical benefits until the following year during Open Enrollment (unless they have a qualifying event).

Please contact DeAnna McKay in the Benefits Dept at 936.258.2667 ext. 1103 or via email at



TRS-ActiveCare Open Enrollment 2021-2022

July 12th – August 13th


2021-2022 TRS ActiveCare Rates

2021-2022 TRS Plan Highlight

2021-2022 TRS ActiveCare What’s New and What’s Changing

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