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Employee Benefits

 Employee Benefits


DeAnna McKay
936-258-2667 ext. 1103



The Benefits Department provides services to employees with benefits questions, problems related with access to or payment of benefits, benefit enrollment of newly eligible employees, and the processing of enrollment and claim forms.  Please contact DeAnna McKay at the Adminstration Building with any questions you have.

The BenefitSolver Portal is available to enroll in your benefits as a new hire and during the Dayton ISD Annual Enrollment session held each year.  Mid-year Qualifying Events such as birth/adoption, marriage/divorce, change in dependent status, gain/loss of Medicaid/Medicare allow a 31 day period to notify the Benefits Department. All benefit changes are time-sensitve therefore must be completed within 31 days of the event date. Please contact DeAnna McKay to report when a Qualifying Event has occurred to begin the process of your change request. Supporting documents for all Qualifying Events will be required


Benefit Guide 

(please note that the TRS ActiveCare rates in this guide may have changed)

Common Benefit Terms

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Benefit Solver

Supplemental Benefits

TRS-ActiveCare (most recent TRS ActiveCare rates can be found on this page on the TRS ActiveCare Rates form)

Health & Wellness

Employee Assistance Programs

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