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Dayton ISD is required by State law to maintain special education records for a period of five (5) years from the date a student is dismissed, graduated, or otherwise is no longer a student in Dayton ISD.


Records containing personally identifiable information are maintained for the required period of time. This information is available for three (3) years in the Dayton ISD Department of Special Education which is located at:

302 S. Cleveland

Dayton, Texas 77535


The records clerk is:

 Christina Lusty

  936.367-7380 ext. 1603


Each year a public notice will be placed in a local newspaper and on the district website specifying what records will be destroyed. Records will be shredded in such a way as to not jeopardize confidentiality.


There may be instances in the future when these records may be of benefit to the student. Adult students, parents and/or legal guardians are encouraged to maintain their own records, but will have access to the school records as long as the records are available.


DISCLOSURE : Employees of the school district who have a legitimate educational interest in the student's records; the student, parent and/or legal guardian are the only persons who have general access to the student's special education records maintained by the district. Under certain restricted conditions, which include the completion of a request form that remains permanently with the records, other individuals may view a student's records. These conditions include other schools to which a student is transferring, specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes, appropriate parties in connection with financial aide to a student, accrediting organizations, state and local juvenile justice system authorities pursuant to state law, and appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies.

Records may also be reviewed to comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena provided the student, parent and/or legal guardian received notice before compliance. No other persons are allowed to review a student's records without either permission of the parent, legal guardian or that of the student if over 18 years of age.


This statement is intended to provide advanced notice that special education records will be destroyed five years from the date the person is no longer enrolled in Dayton ISD.



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