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Remote Learning FAQ

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Q – What if I don’t have access to technology or the Internet?

A – In order to participate in Remote/Online Learning, students will need Internet access. All assignments will be delivered and turned in through Google Classroom. There wll be no paper packets for Fall Remote Learning.

Q –  Do you have suggestions for low-cost Internet providers for my home?

A – There are several Internet providers in our area that can provide low-cost home Internet access, especially for families who have SNAP or participate in the National School Lunch Program. Click here for more info. (Click here for Spanish.)

Q – I have a device (laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, etc.), but we don’t have Internet at my house. Where can I get Internet access?

A – Anyone is welcome to use our free, Internet connection from their vehicle outside of Richter Elementary School. Wi-fi is available in both parking lots. We ask that you stay in your car to practice social distancing. Additionally, the City of Dayton is providing free wi-fi access in the Community Center parking lot and at The Crossroads. The password for the city’s wi-fi is GoBroncos! We also plan to send our wi-fi buses out to verious areas through out our district to assit with connectivity. More information (and specific sites) will be shared at a later time.

Q- I am having trouble accessing my child’s assignments. Where can I go for help?

A – On the Remote Learning/Parent Resources page, there is a Tech Help button. Submit a form and someone will contact you. If your question would be better suited to an email, you can click the Email link and submit your question with that method.

Q – How can we complete our online assignments if I only have one device but I have several children?

A – The best way to do this is by creating Learning or Activity Stations. Have students rotate through the stations throughout the day. Station time would vary, depending on the age of the students. Please click here to see an example of station rotations for 1 device and 5 students. 

Q – Can students change their commitment from face-to face learning to remote learning after the start of the school year?

A – Due to the scheduling complexities inherent in these two options (Face-to-Face vs Remote), parents will be asked to make a commitment for at least one full grading period. Once the school year begins, parents will need to wait until the end of each 9 weeks to transition to a different learning environment. Parents must notify the campus 2 weeks prior to the end of the grading period if there will be a change to their child’s instructional method. Please note that if a student switches between face-to-face learning and remote learning, then that student may not have the same teacher(s) or course schedule, as teachers may or may not be teaching either learning platforms or classes.

Q – How will remote learning be different from the instruction provided during the school closure last spring?

A – There will be many differences from last spring’s remote learning to this fall’s. Students who select remote learning will be required to virtually attend and participate in class daily. In the spring of last year, students’ assignments were provided at a reduced amount of instructional minutes as compared to a  traditional school day. Remote learning this year will be a full course load of instruction and assignments that is comparable to what students who are receiving the face-to-face instructional model. Students will be required to complete all assignments. In addition, grading procedures will be the same for both instructional models. Last spring’s assignments were mostly a review of previously taught concepts/lessons. This fall, there will be new concepts introduced in which students will be expected to master these skills just like in the traditional classroom. Teachers delivering remote instruction will receive additional training and support in best practices that are effective in a remote, online environment.

Q – Will there be attendance requirements for remote learning students?

A – Yes, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will require daily attendance and/or participation for those who are remote. Students will be required to participate in online classes daily and traditional attendance rules will be enforced. A student will be considered absent if the student does not engage in the designated live-instruction and/or independent learning activities each day.

Q – Will students in remote learning have access to instructional materials, such as guided reading books or other classroom resources?

A – Students will be provided with some instructional materials that will vary based on the grade level and coursework of the student. Some resources may be provided digitally. The design of classroom instruction will account for student’s access to specific instructional materials in the home.

Q – Will students participating in remote learning need to purchase school supplies?

A – Yes, families will need to purchase typical school supplies. Students who are participating in the remote learning will need to purchase the necessary listed supplies from the grade level supply list in order to complete their assignments.

Q – Will courses taken in remote learning be included in GPA calculations and class rank for high school students?

A – Yes, courses taken by students participating in remote learning will be included in calculating GPA and class rank in accordance with EIC (Local) policy.

Q – Will all courses be offered in remotely for students in Grades 9 - 12?

A – No, based on course requirements some specialized courses will not be available via remote learning. Every attempt will be made to provide remote learning opportunities in all courses. However, courses that require hands on application will only be offered in a face to face setting. Students who are enrolled in these types of courses may have their schedule changed.

Q – Will meals be provided for students who select remote learning?

A – Yes, The Child Nutrition Department will provide curbside pickup of meals for students starting on the first day of school. Meals will be available at the following sites Dr. E.R Richter, Kimmie E Brown and Stephen F Austin Elementary Schools weekly on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 am - 1:30 pm. Students must be in the car and must give their name or approved meal number to the Child Nutrition Staff to receive the meals. Students can only pick up meals from their school or group site.
           Dayton High School students will pick up their meals from Dr. E.R Richter Elementary School. 
           Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School students will pick up their meals from Kimmie E Brown Elementary School.
           Colbert and Fredda Nottingham Schools students will pick up their meals from Stephen F Austin Elementary School.

Q – Will my child have virtual access to their campus nurse during the school day?

A – Yes, parents and students may contact the school nurse by phone or e-mail during school hours.

Q – How many days a week will remote learners be getting their meals?

A – As indicated above, there will be two days in which remote learners will be able to pick up food. However, we will be serving all meals and they will be precooked and frozen. We will be sending home reheating instructions with the meals. Parents can start completing applications now on-line or stop by Support Services @ 702 South Cleveland Street for assistance. (936-257-4113)

Q – How do I check out a Chromebook if my child is going remote?

A – We will be offering parent training sessions and will have Chromebooks available for checkout at the end of each of those sessions. The training sessions will help both students and parents understand and learn the technology side of our remote learning. After the training session is over, then you will be able to check out a Chromebook. The link to sign up for the remote training is on our homepage website at the top of Bronco Bits entitled ‘Parent Training Session for Remote Learners’. Once you click on that link, there are several training dates for you to choose to see what might best work for you. Please know that you must make a reservation, as space will be limited. This will allow us to safely social distance. 


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