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Parent Information

DAEP Parent Information


First Day for Parent

  • Parent be present with student
  • In-take meeting begins at 8:30 am
  • Meetings held on Monday, Wednesday or Friday
  • Student be in dress code
  • Bring doctor's note of any health issues the school is unaware of
  • Address questions about placement



  • Student Drop-off at 7:30-7:45
  • No bus transportation, students may not drive on campus, and students are not permitted to walk on or off campus
  • Arrivals after 7:45am are penalized
  • Student Pick-up at 3:10pm
  • Send absence notes with students the day after they are absent
  • Notify DAEP the morning prior to court dates 
  • Call the DAEP prior to student being picked up early
  • Leaving early can be penalized
  • Student must be in dress code daily
  • No outside breakfast may be brought and lunches must be healthy (no fast food, sweets, energy or sports drinks)
  • Free & reduced food service continues and meals may be purchased at the DAEP

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