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Nomination and Screening

The GT Screening Process

 The GT  Screening Process is conducted in four rounds.

Round 1: Nominations and Surveys

A parent/guardian, teacher, or community leader may nominate a child in grades K-12 during the month of November for the Gifted and Talented Program. A child in grades 6-12 may also nominate themselves for the program.

Nomination forms can be picked up from the counselor’s office at each campus. Nomination forms can also be located on the DISD website during the nomination window.

The  parent nomination form and student self-nomination form will include the parent survey. Both documents must be turned in for nomination to be accepted.

A survey will be sent to each nominated child's core-subject teachers. These individuals will complete the survey and return it to the campus counselor.


Round 2: NNAT2 Testing

This level is the NNAT2 online exam given on campus. The NNAT2 is a non-verbal exam that tests reasoning. The child will be tested on pattern completion, reasoning by analogy, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization. This exam removes barriers such as language. A child must receive a score of 92% on the NNAT2 to proceed in the screening.

If there are bilingual students taking the NNAT2, a bilingual teacher or faculty member must read the directions in Spanish or the native language of the learner prior to the exam being given. These directions can be found in the NNAT2 directions on the Pearson website.


Round 3: SAT10 Testing or Aprenda Testing

The SAT10 is the Stanford Achievement Test and is a multiple-choice assessment that measures the students' knowledge in subjects such as reading, math, and science. This is an exam that measures the child's achievement level.

The Aprenda is the Spanish version of the SAT10 and will be given to bilingual students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade instead of the SAT10. The test will need to be administered by a bilingual teacher or staff member. 


Final Notification and Follow Through

Student data from the above screening measures will be placed into a matrix for GT Placement consideration. The District GT Committee will review all student data and make placement recommendation decisions. The GT Coordinator will mail out letters notifying parents and students of final acceptance or denial. A spreadsheet with the student names and identification number will be sent to the campus counselor. The Counselor will fill out a form for the the PIEMS staff member to enter the results into PIEMS. Newly identified students must be labeled in PIEMS prior to the start of the next school year.

Students in grades K-12th will receive services beginning in the Fall of the next school year.


The purpose of a furlough is to provide students an opportunity to attain performance goals established by the selection committee. Students who are unable to maintain satisfactory performance within the structure of the gifted and talented program may be placed on furlough by the selection committee.

A QUEST student may apply for a furlough or leave of absence from the program by submitting a written request to the campus counselor. The request should state the expected time period, the student's reason for needing the furlough, and must be signed by the student's parent. Reasons might include a lengthy illness, scheduling conflicts, temporary involvement in other demanding activities, or extenuating situations in the student's personal life. The district QUEST committee will consider the request and if approved the student will be withdrawn temporarily from the program. The student will be able to reenter the program within one calendar year without having to go through the identification process by submitting a written request to the school counselor.

QUEST students who leave Dayton ISD to attend another district shall be considered on furlough for a period not to exceed one full calendar year. If the student reenters the district within that year, and transfer records indicated that the student is in good standing in the last district, the student will be eligible to return to the program without going through any additional screening processes.









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