Meet the Team

Steve Bell, CTSBO 

Director of Facilities & Maintenance

IPM Coordinator, Asbestos Contact Person

email: steve.bell@daytonisd.net



Frosty Pruitt                                                                       

Energy Education Specialist

Custodial Staff Supervisor

email: frosty.pruitt@daytonisd.net


Maintenance Supervisor

Murphy Green, email: murphy.green @daytonisd.net


Administrative Assistant

Valarie Cumberland, CTSBO, email: valarie.cumberland@daytonisd.net

Maintenance Crew

Larry Bush, email: larry.bush@daytonisd.net

James Sloaneemail: james.sloane@daytonisd.net

Greg Young, email: greg.young@daytonisd.net 

Gary Hensel, email:  gary.hensel@daytonisd.net

Ben Meyeremail: ben.meyer@daytonisd.net

Bubba Richter, email: bubba.richter@daytonisd.net

Warren Lemelle, email: warren.lemelle@daytonisd.net

Noel Mallet, email: noel.mallet@daytonisd.net

Gary Wirick, email: gary.wirick@daytonisd.net


Campus Coordinators

Jaime Villegas, DHS, Admin, ERR, email:jaime.villegas@daytonisd.net

Tobby Blanchard, WWJH, SFA, Stadium, email: tobby.blanchard@daytonisd.net

Cedric Jackson, NAEC, KMB, ACE, GHEC, email: cedric.jackson@daytonisd.net




Grounds Crew, Pressure Washing, Extermination

Ron Holcomb, email: ron.holcomb@daytonisd.net

Lupe Gallegos, email: guadalupe.gallegos@daytonisd.net

Keith Rogers, email: keith.rogers @daytonisd.net

John Butcher, email:  john.butcher@daytonisd.net

Andres Gomez, email: andres.gomez@daytonisd.net

Cameron Lerma, email: cameron.lerma@daytonisd.net

Tyler Buchanan, email: tyler.buchanan@daytonisd.net



Contact Valarie Cumberland

School Phone:
936-257-4128 Ext1805

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