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Counting & Cardinality (K-2)

Click on an online activity below.

  1. Apple Picking Curious George and his friend Jumpy need you to put the apple in the right spot on the number line.
  2. Bug Catcher Help Curious George figure out which type of bugs there are more of, before he collects them.
  3. Bus Counting students fill a bus with number of children indicated, using various combinations of numbers to fill the top and bottom rows.
  4. Car Race - Place the race cars in the correct order that they finish the race. (ordinal numbers)
  5. Caterpillar Slider - Feed the caterpillar by putting the numbers in order
  6. Counting from ict games
  7. Counting Cars Number sequence to 100. Children have to bump into selected no in sequence
  8. Counting Fish count the number of fish they see swimming and then click on the corresponding number. 3 levels of difficulty
  9. Frog Jump students help a frog move across a pond by choosing the highlighted number with the next highest value than the one displayed on the frog.
  10. Garden Counting students look at an object in a box, and then count the number of that object they find in a picture. In the easy game version, students type in the number. In the hard game version, students also type in the number word. Suitable for K-2.
  11. Give the Dog a Bone - On an empty number square, find the correct number spot.
  12. Manny's Rumba Use base 10 blocks to create represent numbers less than 100
  13. More Legs The monster is hungry! Choose which bug has more or less legs to feed him and make him grow!
  14. Mend the Number Square fun way of reinforcing number recognition up to 100
  15. Mucky Monsters Identify more and less
  16. Splat Square Create your very own hundreds board by splatting paint in the square to reveal the numbers. Great for the Interactive White Board.

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