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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 


Procedure Book Introduction

I. Programs and Services 
      a. Program Descriptions

II. Staff Responsibilities
      a. Appraisal Staff Responsibilities
      b. Speech Staff Responsibilities
      c. Audit Folder Organization

III. IEP/ARD Meetings
      a. Scheduling IEP Meetings
      b. Prior to Meetings
      c. Conducting Meetings
      d. Processing IEP paperwork
      e. PEIMS Information
      f. Forms

IV. Evaluation Procedures
      a. Re-evaluations
      b. LD Guidance
      c. Forms

V. Student Transfers
      a. Procedures
      b. Forms

VI. Initial Referrals
      a. Initial Referral Meetings
      b. Processing Referrals
      c. ARDs after Evaluation
      d. Forms

VII. Behavior 
      a. Behavior Assistance Procedures
      b. Restraint Procedures
      c. Forms

VIII. Requesting Assistance      
      a. Procedures
      b. Forms

IX. Records
      a. FERPA requirements
      b. District Records Management Procedures
      c. Letter from USDE
      d. Forms: Post ARD Distribution Record,  Record Access Sheet

X. Purchasing
      a. Requesting Procedures
      b. Travel
      c. Forms

XI. Independent Educational Evaluations
      a. Procedures

XII. Special Education Teacher Information
      a. Case Manager Responsibilities
      b. Checklists

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