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Zoning FAQs

Zoning FAQs


Q – Can I request a transfer for my student if I want him/her to attend a campus not in our zone? 

A – Dayton ISD will not offer transfers at this time.  All elementary campuses are designed to operate as equitably as possible.  Campuses will use similar programs and resources.


Q  –  My caregiver lives in a different zone than I do, will transportation be provided for my children from one zone to another? 

A – Transportation will be provided to students according to the zone where they reside. Transportation will not be provided across attendance zones.  Transportation will be provided to a licensed childcare facility or a grandparent’s home within the boundaries of the District, provided the facility or grandparent’s home is within the same attendance zone of the school in which the student requesting the service attends.


Q – Will schools open at 7:30 or 7:45?

A – Based on HB 2610, school hours are yet to be determined for the 2016 – 2017 school year.


Q – When will the bus routes change?

A – Bus routes will remain the same for the rest of this school year.  New bus routes will begin with the start of the 2016 – 2017 school year. 


Q – Mom has primary custody with weekly visits to dad’s house in a different zone.  How will the zone be determined?  Will shuttle services be provided for situations like this? 

A – Student will attend the school zoned to his/her primary residence.  Transportation will not provide a shuttle bus to take a student from one zone to another. 


Q – Will kids be able to be walkers? 

A – Yes, students will be able to be walkers.


Q – Why does one zone appear to be bigger than the others on the map? 

A – Although one zone may look bigger than the other, zones were established to create schools with similar enrollments and demographics. 


Q – Will we receive information on the parent drop-off and pick-up lines at the new campuses?

A – Information on parent drop-off and pick-up will be determined by campus principals and shared with parents.


Q – How will zoning cut down on traffic?

A – Our hope is that traffic will lighten up with the zones because parents and our buses will not have to go to multiple elementary campuses to pick up students.


Q – What will happen to the existing buildings once the transition takes place?

A – Colbert will remain the same. The existing SFA campus will be converted to the new Support Facility. It will house the Transportation, Maintenance, and Child Nutrition Departments. The existing Richter campus will be demolished. Kimmie Brown will remain, but it will be converted to a K – 5 campus. Nottingham will be converted to the district’s Alternative Education Center. Woodrow Wilson will remain, but it will be converted to a 6 - 8 campus. Dayton High School will remain, but it will have a new classroom addition, new auditorium, and a new practice gym.

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