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Articles, Reading, and Lesson Plan Ideas



Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles, real-time assessments and actionable insights.


NY Times/ The Learning Network-

The New York Times, and its site for educators--The Learning Network--provides a rich, engaging resource for learning about and thinking through the current events of the day. Great features include a word of the day, a close-based fill-in-the-blank news story activity, a visual thinking activity that poses an image with questions of inference and comprehension, and even the six questions, which regularly uses embedded video and audio.



Lots of teacher resources by grade level, lesson plans, and ideas. Under the classroom resource tab there are lots of students interactives (graphic organizers) such as a character map and lots more.


Read Theory-

Online reading activities, completely free!


Games and Activities


Skillswise Games-


Skillswise Types of texts-

Verb Viper:


Wacky Web Tales:


Fun Brain Reading:


Free Rice - vocab


Reading Games-

Grade level is noted on type of game----some are lower grade levels*


Various games-


Projects, Writing, and Creating


Fake Book / Authors / Books etc

Simple to use.  Just click and type.  The profile pictures get pulled automatically based on the name that students type in.  Especially good for literary and historical characters!  Creating a fake Facebook profile requires a great deal of higher level thinking. Student have to take information and transform it. This forces students to be very creative. A fake Facebook page is an excellent way to see if student understand the concept behind a book, character, historical figure.


Pixton - Cartoon maker software

Have students login / create account using WWJH account info

Create comic strip, has multiple choices for people, animals, scenery etc. Add text bubbles. Students can publish, or share with teacher.  Or you can have students do a Print Screen, then paste into Google document to share with teacher


List of Authors who Skype with Classes for Free

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