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The Civil War (K-5)

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  1. Aboard the Underground Railroad From the National Park Service
  2. American Civil War Search this site by keyword, battle or date for specific information.
  3. American Rhetoric Gettysburg Address Audio
  4. This is an animated map which shows the changes in the nation during the Civil War era. 
  5. Biographies of the Civil War 
    Civil War Biographies
    Famous Women Spies 
    Generals and Other Noteworthy People of the Civil War
  6. CivilWar.Com The purpose of this site is to bring history students, educators and Civil War enthusiasts the very best and most comprehensive information available regarding this American conflict, including its causes and effects.
  7. The Civil War Trust Teacher Resources, Battlefields, Photos
  8. Underground Railroad @ National Geographic Includes "The Journey," an interactive account of a runaway slave's trip and "Routes to Freedom," a map of escape routes

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