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Our Natural World (K-5)

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  1. Clouds Cloud types with pictures and information on precipitation, temperature and weather prediction.
  2. Clouds, Condensation, Evaporation, and the Water Cycle
  3. Clouds/Precipitation Online meteorology guide Cloud Types: High, middle and low-level clouds, vertically developed clouds, plus some less common cloud types. Precipitation: Rain, snow, hail, sleet and freezing rain.
  4. Dan's Wild, Wild Weather Page Weather-related resources, classroom units, and activities
  5. EDHEADS-Activate your Mind Weather: Learn how to report and predict the weather.
  6. Freshwater Ecosystems The water cycle and its results on various landforms-ponds, lakes
  7. Gases Around Us Online science experiment to learn about air. BBC Schools Science Clips
  8. How NASA studies Air NASA missions collect data that tells us more about the composition, behavior, and quality of our air. Find out how air pressure affects you and why it's important.
  9. What's It Like Where You Live? The water cycle and its results on various landforms (ponds, lakes)
  10. Learn the Water Cycle
  11. NOAA's Games Planet Arcade Offers twenty-five educational games for young students. The games are intended to help students learn about oceans, wildlife, and weather. Twenty of the games address topics related to marine life. 
  12. Planet Pals Earth Zone Activities, crafts, games, puzzles, lesson plans, quizzes about Earth, weather, conservation, Earth Day, and more!

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