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The Human Body (K-5)

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  1. Bones and Skeletal System
  2. Label the Human Body
  3. Interactive Science – Body Systems
  4. Circulatory System: Circulation Check Steve’s heart is fit and healthy before he goes filming – he needs to be able to keep up with the deadly tarantula hawk wasp. BBC BiteSize (IWB friendly)
  5. Interactive Ear Students can learn about how the human ear works. Neat website!
  6. Nervous System: Explore the Brain The brain and nervous system from Enchanted Learning. You'll find brain structure and function, a glossary, animal brain comparisons, a section on neurons (w/ a print-out), and more
  7. Nervous System: Neuroscience for Kids Learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments on your way to learning more about the brain and spinal cord.
  8. Nervous System: Neuron Anatomy Label the Neuron Label the axon, dendrites, cell body, nucleus, Schwann's cells, and nodes of Ranvier.

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