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Statistics & Probability (3-5)

Click on an online activity below.

  1. Interactive Activities Probability
  2. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Data Analysis & Probability Manipulatives 
  3. The Legend of Dick and Dom: Frequency Charts
  4. Match It  Data & Probabilty Matching Definitions
  5. Mode, median, mean and range Save the Bamzooki Zooks by correctly calculating mode, median, mean, and range.
  6. Train Race This game can be used to extend a basic understanding of the median, mean and range. From BBC
  7. Probability BBC Bitesize: Maths
  8. Spy Guys Interactive - Lessons>Graphs, Probability
  9. I Practice Math – mean, median, mode, and other topics
  10. Word-O-Rama –  Data & Probabilty Matching Definitions

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