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Measurement & Data (K-2)

Click on an online activity below.

  1. Animal Sizes Can you order the animals in different ways based on their size? 
  2. Bug Catcher Help Curious George figure out which type of bugs there are more of, before he collects them.
  3. Counting Money Interactive money game - count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to total the amount given.
  4. Count Us In: Height students order players from tallest to shortest. They may race the clock or partner since a timer records how long it takes the student to complete the activity.
  5. Fish Tales Help Mango measure and compare length
  6. Grapher - interactive column graph maker, students can change values and labels
  7. Hickory Dickory Clock Feed the mouse by reading the analogue clocks. If you get it wrong the cat will be after you! (including half past, quarter to and quarter past)
  8. Learn to Count Money three levels for counting money review
  9. Length Strength with Paper Clips and with Inches
  10. Measuring Up Game with Puppy Clifford Suitable for K-1.
  11. Measurement Game - Practice using a ruler, in inches and centimeters. FunBrain
  12. Money Bingo a fun and educational game for kids to practice counting money. BINGO grid size options and the ability to select difficulty (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and bills) make this activity good for kindergarten through grade five. 
  13. Money Master From Math is Fun Be sure to choose "View Larger" for IWB
  14. More Legs The monster is hungry! Choose which bug has more or less legs to feed him and make him grow!
  15. Mucky Monsters Identify more and less
  16. Poodle Weigh In is a game in which poodles have lost their numbers and the player has to determine the correct number by balancing the poodle on a scale and adding the correct number to create equivalent objects
  17. Snapdragon-Tell the Time Set the clock
  18. Stop the Clock Drag the digital times to the correct analog time and press STOP to record your score.
  19. The Ruler Game Use this game to improve how you read a ruler.
  20. Time Keeper Pick the clock that shows the correct time. Four different difficulties including half-hour, quarter-hour, five minutes, and minutes.
  21. What Time Is It? Match the digital clock to the analog clock

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