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  1. 3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes 
  2. Airlines Builder Players find out if two things with the same perimeter have different areas by creating a fleet of Cyber-spaceships using pieces of uniform length.
  3. Attribute Blocks Color, Shape, and Size
  4. Geometry Board
  5. Icy Flips, Slides, and Turns - Use this interactive site from Harcourt to review the three concepts.
  6. Lego's Creative Builder
  7. Lines of Symmetry Identify and shoot the shapes that have the correct lines of symmetry in this colorful game.
  8. Purpy's Shapes Purpy needs your help to identify and find his favorite shapes.
  9. Shapes - Beginner
  10. Solid Figure Factory by Harcourt


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Donna Klimitchek​
D.I.S.D. Instructional
Technology Coordinator

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